Videos and Time Lapses

Throughout my travels, I like to capture things on the go. I recently began playing with time lapse photography and thought I’d add a few of them here. I will be adding video soon as well! Thanks for reading and watching!

Music, runway models, munchies and more at Cannazaar in Denver,  Colorado. Dab buses and more were at this fun-filled event!

On my last day in California, I spent the day at the beach sipping on drinks and enjoying the view. A group of people were hanging out for the afternoon, slacklining and picnicing.

A beautiful time lapse of the view of the sunset from the hotel room at The Ritz Carlton in San Francisco! There’s always a great time to be had at the Club level.

While traveling by train, I took my first time lapse. Two women enjoy lunch while the train travels its course.


I love to travel! The Puffco Pro goes with me on many of my adventures! Check me out on the San Francisco Cable Car!

On an early Saturday morning, I was excited to see these guys at work on the weekend. Not sure they felt the same, but they sure were getting things done!

The Chalice Festival in California celebrates the cannabis plant in its concentrated form. Dab Day or Oil Day is on July 10th and the biggest celebration is this one!

Secret Sesh was originally started in LA. For the 4/20 holiday, it was brought to Denver. It has been happening once a month since. Great way to meet other cannabis smokers in a causal environment, with giveaways to die for!

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