Product Review: Empire Papers; Are you smoking a $100 bill?

Are you smoking a hundred dollar bill? Empire Rolling Papers has caught the attention of many a toker by putting a bit of sass into their rolling papers.

Smoking a hundred dollar bill in the DesertBenjamin’s, Bennys, stacks, whatever you want to call them, Empire Papers has put the likeness of the hundred dollar bill on its rolling papers and it is becoming a big hit. I have been using them for the last 9 months or so, after being introduced to them by a cool homie from San Diego. We smoked them over Chalice Cup weekend and I have been wanting oh so badly to give them a review. I just couldn’t wait anymore. Having used Empire Papers for such a long time, I definitely have some things to say.


Best Rolling Papers, Empire Papers, 100 dollar bill papers

First, I love that they look like a $100 bill. They aren’t as big as a true Benny, which is great. The rolling papers are more the size of a king sized raw paper; longer and wider than a regular paper. Anytime I post a picture of one of these bad boys, I always get some funny comments and questions, mostly asking if it is a real bill. Or, why I am burning money like that. Lol.

Speaking of burning, the way Empire Papers burns is excellent. The paper is a little thicker than a regular rolling paper, giving it a little extra to work with. It always burns evenly (partly because I can roll a good doob) and it burns slowly, giving the perfect smokey effect for bomb pics. It burns even slower if you add a little shatter to the jizzle. It’s a great paper for group seshing as well, love adding some kief to the flower for times like this.

Smoke from burning a hundred dollar billOne of the things I like the best about these papers, though, is how they roll. Since they are thicker than a rolling paper they handle more like a blunt, making them more forgiving when you handle them a little roughly. They have a sticky line across the top, as most rolling papers do, you have to get it wet a couple of times to get it to stick to the other side. At first, I had a problem getting the paper to stick, but once I figured that out, it was all gravy from there.

They come with roll your own paper tips, which I used for the longest. I never had a good tip game, but it sure has glowed up since using Empire Papers. I recently went back to using glass tips because they are reusable and I want to keep with the mission of the vanabus 90-day road trip; a mindful approach to luxurious living. (Discover more about the trip we are currently on HERE.)

papers, joints, marijuana joints, fun rolling papersEmpire Papers are a great buy and so much fun to use. I have nothing but positive things to say about them and I believe I will be a long-time customer of theirs. Their papers come in a 4-pack, with 10 papers in each pack, for $14. Comes out to 0.35 cents per paper. Way less than the $100 some people really think you are smoking, making this a great novelty buy too.

Check out their website to order HERE and follow them on Instagram HERE because their content is live. While you’re there, be sure to follow Travel and Vanabus too right HERE.

And, just in case you missed it, we are on a 90-day road trip in our vanabus, seshing on Empire Rolling’s Benny’s as often as we can! Check out some of our blogs from the road HERE.



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