Preparing for Full Time Van Life.

Getting home was a relief and a letdown. We had been out of town for 2 weeks. It took us 7 days, 1 fuel pump replacement in the middle of Georgia, lots of vapor lock issues, 2 tows, 2 belts and a header gasket to get from Okeechobee, Florida back to Denver, Colorado.

Plus, the day we got home, we had guests so we didn’t get to go to the condo to relax for another 18 hours.

Van Life van re-vamp

When we were finally home, we realized quickly that the road was calling. We wanted to go west and we wanted to leave soon. By the time Thanksgiving rolled around (just 2 months after we purchased our vanabus) we knew where we wanted to go, when we wanted to leave and that we wanted to try this out for 90 days.

We were spending time with Damien’s family for the holiday and were excited to get home to work out the details. We first thought we could leave by Christmas. However, the more we worked on planning the trip and taking a serious look at the repairs needed to get her ready for the road, the more we understood that wasn’t going to be possible. We did spend Christmas morning and New Year’s Eve in the vanabus. So fun!

Getting the vanabus ready for van life.

The weekends were made for repairs and planning. We started talking about our route and getting the major cities in order. During the week, we worked on turning our professional lives mobile. We both have had success using UpWork and our condo basically rents itself out, but we really needed to hone in on optimizing those things.

This also helped us to create our mission for this trip. We love traveling and always enjoyed spending time in fabulous hotels and bed and breakfasts. At the same time, we have been drawn more and more to the, “Van life” lifestyle. And as many millennials are now finding out, adventure and success can go hand in hand.

Responsible Consumption

Our mission is as follows: For our upcoming trip, we plan to document, through blogs, video and photography, the journey of Xennial entrepreneurs interested in responsible consumption and a mindful approach to luxurious living.

Around this time is when we decided we would look for partners in order to make our trip more fun and entertaining (and to help us too). After reaching out to some of our favorite cannabis (and non-cannabis) companies, we had quite a list together. Doing this will allow us to take some of our favorite things with us, experience some new, exciting escapades and most important, do awesome giveaways in every major city (check out our Instagram page to discover more). On a side note, we are still looking for partners. Please feel free to email us for our media kit and partnership packet.

Cali King bed in GMC RV

Blinds were re-strung, another set of belts and an alternator were put on, the whole vanabus was sealed to protect from water getting in. Two new batteries were put in, the generator was cleaned and tuned, new curtains were made, the bed was fixed, solar power was put on the roof, the radiator was flushed, the shower was figured out, she was washed and shined up and we were finally ready to roll. The best part? We did it all ourselves.

When it was time to officially start our road trip, we had actually been staying in our vanabus for several days because our place was rented out.  Before we left, we were comfortable making full dinners in our little kitchen and our morning bathroom routines were starting to become autonomous. We felt really ready to hit the road.

Preparing for full time van life.

Read about the adventure about us jumping on a red eye to Florida to get our vanabus with only 10 hours’ notice, HERE. Stay tuned for our first road blog coming soon. Until then, you can follow our adventures through Instagram and YouTube!

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