Product Review: Illuminati Bong from Smoking Outlet

Smoking out of glass is probably the way I consume cannabis the most. But, when I lived in Texas, I was petrified of being caught with any glass, as it could result in a felony charge in the red state. Of course, I still purchased cheap pipes and bongs here and there. It was just that I didn’t purchase anything that was of any quality.

So, when I moved from Texas, I promised myself I would start a glass collection. My first piece was a spoon I purchased in Austin. Then, I moved up and bought a rig from a gallery here in Denver. Learning more as I continued purchasing, I really started to love the function of the recycler.

Recently, Smoking Outlet gave me the opportunity to try one out. Their website was super clean, giving me descriptions and multiple pictures of each piece. After going back and forth some about which one I wanted, I  picked the Chromatech Nano Kelin recycler by Illuminati Glass. Within 2 days of my decision, my piece arrived in the mail. It was right after my birthday and in the package was a special gift of a quartz banger.

Appreciation note from Smoking Outlet

I unboxed the dazzling piece (watch the video HERE) while hanging in the RV (lots more to come on that soon) and loved what I saw. Everything was bubbled wrapped individually and there was a sweet note, wishing me a happy birthday.

Standing at about 8 inches tall, the piece was a bit smaller than I’d imagined, but the chromatech coloring stood out so much, I cared less about the size.

Chromatech Recycler from Illuminati Glass

When I got home a few days later, I put the banger on and took the stunning piece to the top floor of our condo to check out the function and to christen it! The timing couldn’t have been better. It was sunset and the shots came out beautifully. To boot, we enjoyed the 1st sesh with the lights of downtown Denver slowly turning on as the day came to an end.

The quartz banger was seasoned with the best dabs in Denver (check out AllGreens sometime) and the first few hits it offered were smokey and packed full of flavorful terps. I went to clean the banger with my q-tip for the next hit and it fell right off it’s arm. Almost like it was glued on. Slightly disappointed, I decided then that I would use the bowl it came with.

broken banger Smoking Outlet

I emailed the company and was sent an immediate response. I was heading out of town for a bit, so I told them there’d be no rush on the replacement. Continuing to enjoy the piece, I used it as it was meant to be. As a bong.

Since I have been using it as a bong, I am going to review it as such.

Let’s start with the function. This is my first recycler. I have hit off of them before and they are pretty neat. They are meant to make your hits cooler and smoother by recycling your smoke thorough a series of chambers before delivering it to your awaiting lungs.

This one does its job pretty well. I noticed it is a little heavier to pull from than a regular bong would be. Once you get it going, it is a great hit. I looked at the function video carefully (you can review it too on my Instagram page @travelandcannabis and follow me too for fun and of course for giveaways)! As I did, I noticed there was a tornado forming toward the top, as it should. It looks so freakin’ dope!

The appearance of this piece is a show stopper. It’s Chromatech body and bowl make it a shining star in any light. Once it has been hit as a bong a couple of times, it changes from a vibrant rainbow color to more of a bronzed titanium look.  I am one to clean my pieces quite often, but this is one piece I found to still look presentable when it is slightly dirty.

Bowl from Smoking OutletThe bowl itself is a perfect size. I don’t like bowls that are too big because they tend to taste like crap toward the end. Little bowls just don’t get the high I’m looking for. I love the handle on the bowl as well. It really stands out and is super sturdy.

Smoking Outlet makes the purchase super simple and I really am loving my Chromatech Nano Kelin recycler by Illuminati Glass. Their prices are also super low, so the next time I’m looking for a piece, I’ll definitely shop with them.

And honestly, I have been enjoying this recycler so much, I think I’m taking it on the next road trip in our 1973 GMC RV (think stretch VW Van). More on that coming soon…

Until then, read the product review on Buddie Burners and 710 Pipe!





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