Product Review: Buddie Burners

Traveling with my rigs, bongs and pipes can be a big pain. Buddie Burners combines all 3 with little to no hassle.


When I fly, I have to be sure that my pieces are all super clean upon both my departure and return. If I am hitting the road, I have to pack them in a way that keeps them from breaking, which can be hard when taking long road trips or when going camping. A few of my travel friends have Buddie Burners and they love them, So, I decided to get one to see for myself!

Buddie Burners

When I decided to order, the company was giving away a free Mario Brothers bowl. I was stoked to have a bowl that fit into my Buddie Burners as soon as I received it (which was exactly when they said it would arrive).

There are 3 holes in my Buddie Burners. The mouthpiece, the attachment piece (the hole that you put your cannabis accessory into), and a carb on the side that allows you collect smoke before taking in all of the smoke.

All you have to do to use the device is to fill it up with water about 1/8th of the way, stick in your blunt, joint, banger or bowl and use it as you would a water pipe.

My Buddie Burners is clear, allowing you to see the smoke come into the holding chamber before you suck it into your lungs. The company has several different colors and shapes to choose from including an oil barrel, a big sphere and a coffee cup. They also offer bangers and bowls.

One of the first things I noticed about my Buddie Burners was that it could be worn as a necklace. This is pretty dope and I tried it, but it just hasn’t stuck as a new piece for me.

My Buddie Burners has been through the small towns of the Rocky Mountains all the way to the Big Bear Lake, Hollywood Hills and back to downtown Denver. It has been into the Chalice Festival and all along the beaches of Southern California. All in just a few short months.

The first time I smoked out of my Buddie Burners I used a blunt. I lit it before sticking it into the end of the Buddie Burners. It was really harsh, but the smoke came in nice and thick which made for a great, short video.  The next time I used it, I tried it with a joint. It only took a few hits until the joint got too short and I had to pull it out of the Buddie Burners before it got stuck.

Then, I tried the Mario Brothers bowl that came with it. It, too, gives a really great hit and lots of smoke. This is the easiest way to smoke flower out of the Buddie Burners. However, the bowl is super heavy and makes the Buddie Burners unstable, making it constantly tip over.

Buddie Burners and Cannetic

I’ve used my Buddie Burners with a vape pen as well. I just held the vape pen up to the hole and gave it a pull. The Buddie Burners bubbled up, giving me a nice, filtered hit. I still got a great deal of smoke too.

What I love about my Buddie Burners:

  • An abundance of smoking options in one little device.
  • It’s cute and you can wear it if you wanna.
  • New attachments coming out all of the time (just checked the website and there are new ones since I was on a month or so ago).
  • It’s a sturdy, little sucker. I’ve dropped it a couple of times and it’s still in one piece.
  • The company communicates with it’s customers.
  • It’s fun to use and easy to travel with.
  • Watching the smoke bellow in as you inhale.


I only have 2 issues with my Buddie Burners.

  • The water comes out of the mouthpiece if you tip it the wrong way, which for me, is all the time.
  • It is hard to clean. I definitely needed salt and hot water to get this puppy back to it’s original condition.

Overall, I love my Buddie Burners! I have yet to put a banger on the end of it, but will update the blog when I do. Grab your Buddie Burners HERE!


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Travel high, Cannatravelers.





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