RAW Artists Denver Update

Well, I sold the tickets necessary to get into RAW Artists Presents Denver Verse. Honestly, that was probably the part I was dreading the most. I am not much of a sales person, never have been. Through this experience, I figured out that as long as I kept talking about it, people kept buying tickets.

I have also found that the ticket sales are only a small part of this process. I printed out almost 300 4×6 images I have taken over the years to see what I liked. I only narrowed that down to 100 images. Then, I asked for some help. I went to Twitter and Facebook for opinions on some shots. I took another 30 out. From there, I sorted everything by color (that was really hard, but a lot of fun). Then, I took an assortment of travel, cannabis and a combination of travel and cannabis images to edit.

Marijuana Macro

I spent about 15 hours editing the final 20 images. Printing the images at the local print shop only took an hour or so of my time. Getting the frames and mats picked out however, took another 3 hours (and I’m still trying to figure out how to pay to get them out of hock in time for the show, may need to sell a kidney, haha). Thankfully, they will be ready on time.

On Thursday, I received an email reminding me to bring swag, banners, things to decorate my space and to say I have to provide my own lighting. Lighting?? Eeep! I think I’ll just take a couple of lamps from home and one of my besties may be able to come through with some lighting for the actual photographs. This thing is coming together swimmingly!

Philadelphia skyline from Boathouse Row

What’s next? Today I go shopping for my, “cocktail attire.” Definitely going to be hitting up the MAC store today too for a fresh look!

Since both of my places will be rented out during the show, I will be preparing for it from the comfort of a hotel. So, I still have to book something downtown for a night or two. I would love suggestions. I want to stay somewhere new and artsy!

Cannabis friendly hotels Denver Pavillion

Thank you all for your help in making this happen! I would love for you all to come. If you have not gotten a ticket, there are tickets still available. Just click HERE! If you really want to come to the show and you cannot buy a ticket, go check out my Instagram page for giveaways.

I still need your support. Please share my story on your blog or social media. Or, just a comment of support below works! By the way, the pictures in this blog will be included in the show. To show my appreciation for you, I’m giving you the 1st peek!

Only 5 days left until the RAW Artists Denver show at City Hall. Over 90 artists. Only 1 cannabis artist. Game on.



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