Denver RAW Artists Presents: Travel & Cannabis

Someone recently let me know that I am a major authority when it comes to cannabis friendly travel in Denver. I have been studying the city’s cannabis culture for over 2 years now; attending events, taking pictures, doing interviews and touring every cannabis-themed company I can!

cannabis leafI have shot personal and professional grows, over 100 different cannabis strains, unique and controversial events, cannabis cups, conferences and more in my time here in town.

I started Travel and Cannabis with a camera phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) and some pot. I am now shooting some of the most amazing marijuana strains with a Nikon D7300 and a few different lenses. My images have improved tremendously over the last couple of years, as has my editing ability and software.

Cannabis friendly hotels DenverBecause of this, I have started to gain a little confidence in my photo-taking abilities. Plus, I love shooting! I started thinking about ways to show off my art (other than hanging it on my walls at home). Opening a gallery was too expensive. Asking galleries to host my work proved to be too time consuming. Then I found RAW.

RAW artists gives budding artists, like myself, a chance to strut their stuff so to speak. I entered my works months ago and didn’t hear anything back. Until a couple of weeks ago!

RAW Artists Denver

My email read, “Dear Travel and Cannabis, We have received and reviewed your submission to We loved what we saw! We would like to invite you to be a part of our upcoming showcase: RAW Denver presents VERSE Thursday May 11, 2017 at 7:00 PM”

I was excited, but didn’t really know what I had been invited to be part of. As I went through the process, I learned a few things.

I will be one of 80 artists that will be featured at the show. There will be all kinds of different artists; photographers, painters, make-up artists, fashion designers and more will be doing their thing to the sounds of the house DJ.

Travel and Cannabis sig pic in PhillyI believe I will be the only artist focusing on cannabis. I looked up the other artists and could not find any with the cannabis or marijuana keyword. I am still waiting on confirmation on this, but that is super exciting.

The event will be at City Hall in Denver; a 3-story venue in the heart of the city. I have been to this venue before and have had a fabulous time. The space is huge, so I am a little nervous about getting lost in the sea of artists. But I think my unique photography and my great eye will help me to stand out.

Last, I learned that I have to pay for my space. I can either sell 20 tickets to the show, or I can pay outright. I don’t have any artwork printed yet as most of my images are shared through social media or my blog.

Sour Diesel in PennsylvaniaSometimes it’s hard to ask for things from others. Doing things on my own gives me a sense of accomplishment, of pride and of independence. But, not everything can be done alone.

I’ve decided I want this to be a big deal (because it is to me)! So, I’m going to make it one.

So, I am reaching out to my community. I need your help. I would love to get advice on good places to get prints (maybe even a company that will print my images on credit), printers for cards and such and even on choosing images to print and frame.

Lil Wayne at Massroots 420 celebration

You can also grab a ticket (or two) HERE and come meet me, Maggie Jay; better known as Travel and Cannabis! Even if you can’t attend, you can show your support by purchasing a ticket as a sponsor. This will allow me to invite potential future clients.


Thank you all so much for being involved in my cannabis studies. If it wasn’t for your constant support and conversation, there is no way I would have pursued my photography for this long. Stay tuned for giveaways and promotions for my art debut!

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