Seattle Smokers’ 4/20 events

Seattle. You have a great lineup for your 4/20 week, 2017. It was not difficult to find 20 marijuana events for this weed holiday. Remember to bring your id to all of these events, just in case. Everything from sober to stoned comedy to a huge annual festival, this list gives you all of the info you need to get your plans together. So, share this with your friends. Family. Co-workers. Everyone.

Without further delay, here it is; 20 marijuana themed events for Seattle, WA:


1. What: The Green Show

When: April 15th, 10 pm

Where: Atlas Theater, 3509 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Extra Info: Smoke out at home with the homies, then enjoy this improv about stoners. For stoners.

Smoking/Dabbing/Vaping allowed? No, but no one said anything about edibles!

Tickets: Get them HERE!


2. What: Science Night 2: Stoned Science

When: April 16 at 8 pm-2 am

Where: Blue Moon Tavern, 712 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105

Extra: Although it doesn’t exactly say how weed will be intertwined in this fun, adult science night, it all still sounds like a freakin’ blast! Scientists will lead the participants in experiments like dissolving egg shells in acid in this exciting night of Science.

Vaping/Dabbing/Smoking allowed? Doesn’t say, but maybe!

Tix: Actually looks like they are sold out, but you may know someone who knows someone. Or, you can enter their giveaway for 2 VIP tickets. For more info, go HERE!


3. What: 420 Fashion Week

When: April 17th, 8 to 11 pm

Where: The Royal Room 5000 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, Washington 98118

Extra: Come for dinner, stay for a runway show with a smorgasbord of all of the greatest underground cannabis designers in this early 4/20 event!

Smoking/Dabbing/Vaping allowed?  Possibly. Probably not until after 10 though since this event is open to all ages.

Tickets: Get them HERE!


4. What: Snoop’s Wellness Retreat

When: April 18th, 8 pm

Where: WaMu Theatre, Seattle, WA

Extra Info:  Kick off the holiday with Snoop Dogg’s annual weed celebration tour. This year you can expect to see Method Man, Red Man, Berner and Cypress Hill too!

Smoking/Dabbing/Vaping allowed? As I’ve said before, it is Snoop, so…

Tickets: Get them HERE!



5. What: MJBA Monthly Meeting

When: April 18th, 6 pm

Where: The Factory Luxe, 3100 Airport Way South, Seattle, WA 98134

Extra Info: Calling all business minded people to join in the monthly meetup with Marijuana Business Association. There are so many facets to this industry, come learn about a new one in this non-member friendly meeting.

Vaping/Dabbing/Smoking allowed: No, but there will be a lot of talk about cannabis!

Tickets: Free to members, $10 for non-members


6. What: 420 Fest

When: 4/20, 3 pm to 10 pm

Where: 3220 NE 125th St, Seattle, WA 98125

Extra: Jam to Reggae, Hip Hop, Rap and Electric while enjoying marijuana, munchies and more!

Vaping/Dabbing/Smoking allowed? Absolutely!

Tickets: Members only party. Become a member HERE! (Membership may be allowed at the door.)


7. What: The Gateway Show – 4/20 Edition

When: 4/20 from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Where: Broadway Performance Hall, 1625 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122

Extra: Watch 3 sober comedians do their bit. Then, during a brief intermission, the comedians go get baked as baked can be. The 2nd set includes the same comedians, doing new bits, completely high. This should be hilarious!

Vaping/Dabbing/Smoking allowed? Doesn’t say, but you can sneak a vape pen in almost anywhere now days.

Tix: Get them HERE


8. What:  Cannabis and Sex for Beginners 

When: 4/20 7 pm to 10 pm

Where: Babeland Seattle, 707 E. Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98122

Extra: Come early and get a free gift. Join Babeland in this tantilizing mini-workshop on weed and doing the wild thing!

Vaping/Dabbing/Smoking allowed? It doesn’t say, but I’m going to guess yes!

Tix: Register HERE! It’s free!


9. What: 4/20 Madness at the Royal Room by the Washboard Cutups

When: April 20 at 7:30 to 11:30 PM

Where: The Royal Room, 5000 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, Washington 98118

Extra: Swing on by for a jazz and cannabis infused night of fun. Their banner reads, “Music inspired by the Devil’s Weed!” If I were going to be in Seattle, I’d have to come in for at least 1 set!

Vaping/Dabbing/Smoking allowed? You bet your jazz-lovin’ ass!

Tix: Reservations and more info on seating, click HERE!


10. What: The Hilarious Comedy Fest

When: 420 through 4/22

Where: Eclectic Theater, Seattle, WA

Extra: With 3 days of comics and topics including LGBTHC, Comic Sans Pants and even an open mic opportunity, you can’t miss this fun cannabis themed event.

Vaping/Dabbing/Smoking allowed? No idea, but with all of the laughing you’ll be doing, you won’t care if you can’t.

Tix: You can choose individual acts or just grab a pass for the whole show HERE!


11. What: Dead Prez with Ras Kass hosted by Solid Sound Seattle & Nectar Lounge

When: April 20th 8 pm to 1 am

Where: Nectar 412 N 36th St, Seattle, Washington 98103

Extra: Come dance to the sounds of great hip-hop lyricists in this all night 4/20 celebration!

Vaping/Dabbing/Smoking allowed? With headliners named DJ Indica Jones, I am sure there will be a “smoking section.”

Tix: Get them HERE!



12. What: Bongs and Thongs presented by Morgan Anne Presents

When: 4/20 7 to 9 pm

Where: The Rendezvous Seattle, 2322 2nd Ave, Seattle, Washington 98121

Extra: BYOC to this sexy, weed-themed evening. Join your host in welcoming performers Indigo Sky, Elwood Fluze, Morgue Anne and more!

Vaping/Dabbing/Smoking allowed? Yep!

Tix: Get them HERE!


13. What: Cannaversary Party by Hashtag Freemont

When: 4/20 7 am to midnight

Where: Hashtag Fremont, 3540 Stone Way N, Seattle, Washington 98103

Extra: Sip and toke at this 420 party. Expected to be greeted with live music, sips and munchies at this annual escapade!

Vaping/Dabbing/Smoking allowed? Doesn’t say as much, but with a name like Cannaversary, I think you’re pretty safe thinking there might be doing some of that there.

Tix: Looks like you just show up!


14. What: Elevated Coffee Experience Part I

When: April 21st, 6 to 8 pm

Where: Trichome, 618 South Jackson Street, Seattle, WA 98104

Extra: Browse your way through vendors while enjoying cannabis-infused coffee and jamming to the latest sounds of DJ Bgeezy.

Vaping/Dabbing/Smoking allowed?  I know there will be cannabis-infused coffee, but am not sure on the smoking situation. Bring a vape pen along just in case you can’t openly smoke.

Tix: Sounds like you have to register ahead of time in order to attend. A MINIMUM $5 donation is asked for, but the event is free. Register HERE!


15. What: 4Twenty by Warp Theatre

When: April 21, 7:30 to 9:30 pm

Where: Writers and Actors Reading and Performing Theatre, 305 Harrison St, Seattle, Washington 98109

Extra: Enjoy short plays, films and musicals celebrating the normalization of cannabis in this theatrical event.

Vaping/Dabbing/Smoking allowed? I will bet you can vape at this one, but it doesn’t say as such.

Tix: Get more info HERE


16. What: Dragonslayer Seattle 2017 – the GREEN Team

When: Saturday, April 22 at 9 AM12 PM

Where: Green Lake Seattle, Seattle, Washington 98103

Extra: Get warmed up and join the women of Washington’s NORML on a 3 mile walk to end sarcoma (A tumor that occurs in the bones and soft tissues). At the after party, enjoy music and raffles.

Vaping/Dabbing/Smoking: Probably won’t be much of any of that going on at this event. But it is for a good cause.

Tix: None needed. But, you can get more informaiton on particpation and registration HERE!


17. What: Cannabass byHerban Assassins

When: April 22nd, 10 pm to 4 am

Where:  645 NW 45th St., Seattle, WA 98107

Extra: Get ready for double the music with 2 rooms of reggae.

Vaping/Dabbing/Smoking allowed? Yes!

Tix:  Get them at the door. Only $10 before 11 pm!


18. What: Handmade and Homegrown Market and Plant Sale by Second Use Building Materials

When: April 22 at 10 AM4 PM

Where: 3223 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134-2105

Extra: Ready to grow your own… produce? Stop by this morning market and pick up plants of all kinds at this unique shopping experience.

Vaping/Dabbing/Smoking allowed? Probably not so much. But, you may want to bring your vape pen just in case.

Tix: Don’t think you need any. Just bring your wallet and enthusiasm for plants and handmade things!


19. What: Dope Cup WA 2017, hosted by Dope Magazine and presented by Iconic

When: April 23rd, 4 pm

Where: Dockside Cannabis – Sodo Lot, 1728 4th Ave S, Seattle Wa, 98134

Extra: This event is expected to bring in over 3,000 attendees. The best cannabis products will be judged at this Pacific Northwest event will be one to remember.

Vaping/Dabbing/Smoking allowed? Hell yes!

Tix: Admission is free, simply register HERE. VIP is available for a reasonable fee too. Check it out HERE.


20. What: The Cannabis Alliance presents: Finding the right money for my business

When: April 27th, 10 am to 1 pm

Where: The Brockey Conference Center – South Seattle College, 6000 16th Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98106

Extra: Continue the 420 holiday with some good old fashion marijuana education. Learn the basics before asking for money from investors in this 3-hour seminar for cannabis businesses.

Vaping/Dabbing/Smoking allowed? Before and after only.

Tix: Get them HERE



The more I research different cities, the less I am sure I will be in Denver for this year’s 4/20 holiday. There are so many one-of-a-kind events and I am tempted by them all. As always, consume responsibly!








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