20 Cannabis-Themed Events in Denver for 4/20, 2017

I have found all kinds of great marijuana related events for everyone in and around Denver and have included the address, links to tickets and the dates and times. I hope this makes things easy for everyone.

I remember having a tough time finding legitimate events (whether that meant they didn’t actually happen, there was no consumption allowed, or they were just lame af), but after living in the city for a year, I feel like I know what is going to be live and what is going to be bunk.

This is going to be my 2nd 4/20 in Denver and I really feel like I have a grasp of what is going to be great and what is not. I will be going to many of these events to indulge in the cannabis culture of Denver! Check them all out below:


1. What: The Science Lounge: Cannabis

When: April 20th 6:30 to 9:30 pm

Where: Museum of Nature and Science 

Deets: This museum has a new theme every 3rd Thursday in their Science Lounge. This year, that just happens to fall on 4/20. A great way to learn all about the cannabis plant. 

Can you smoke: No, it’s a museum. They even state that they are not edible friendly.

Tickets: Get them HERE, or at the door.


2. What: Denver 420 Fest

 When: 4/20, all day!

Where: Cheesman Park

Deets: Come celebrate 4/20 with glass, food, art and more! 

Can you smoke:  Another one of these outdoor locations, so lots of people will be firing it up, but be careful! Public consumption is still illegal.

How: Free event, just go to the park!


3. What: Infused Dinner Party with Colorado Cannabis Tours

When: April 14th, 7:30 pm or April 21st

Where: TBA

Deets:  Have a relaxing dinner with 3 cannabis infused courses! Potency based on guest’s wishes.

Can you smoke: Yes, this is a BYOC dinner!

Tickets: Start at $94, GET THEM by calling 303-420-TOUR!


4. What: Sensi Night April: High Holiday Kickoff

When: April 14th, starting at 8 pm

Where: City Hall, 1144 Broadway, Denver 80203

Deets: Come hobnob with the creme of the crop of the cannabis industry. Drinks will be flowing, cannabis will be consumed (in dab buses) and the party will be jumping. One of my favorite events to attend!

Can you smoke: Dabs buses will be lined up, ready for everyone to consume.

Tickets: Get em HERE


5. What: Studio 420’s 420 VIP Party

When: 4/20 through April 23rd!!

Where: 3995 S. Broadway

Deets: Bring your own oil, hash, flower, resin, etc. and enjoy the fun times at Studio420! VIP areas, vendors, food and live performances.

Can you smoke: YES!!!

Tickets: Get more information HERE!


6.  What: Turntable Heavyweight Champions

When: April 15th, 9pm-5am

Where: Cluster Studios, 3881 Steele St. 80205

Deets: An after hours 4/20 friendly club! Watch DJ’s battle each other as you dance to their beats. 21 and up only please. Full bar on site. 

Can you smoke: There will be a Weedstreamer Bus and a couple of other locations available for cannabis consumption. Second, the event isn’t sold out of pre-sale tickets yet.

Tickets: There are still 3rd tier tickets available (1st and 2nd have sold out) HERE and tickets will be available at the door.

7. What: The Official Denver 420 Rally

When: April 20th, 10 am to 8 pm

Where: Denver Civic City Park

Deets: A day long rally to celebrate the normalization of marijuana that ends with 2 Chaynz performing for an expected 100,000 guests.

Can you smoke: It’s not legal to smoke outside, but they did last year. No one was arrested, or ticketed, until AFTER 4:20 pm. 

Tickets: FREE!!! Just show up.


8. What: My 420 Tours presents: Cannabis Marijuana Concentrates Tour

When: Available daily April 19-22th, 4 pm

Where: 3881 SteeleSt. Denver, CO

Deets: Learn all about concentrates in this unique tour. You even get to sample some of the product!

Can you smoke: I’m guessing that it will be more along the lines of vaping, but yes!

Tickets: Get them HERE!


9. What: Twisted Sister Yoga; Ganja Yoga

When: April 21st, 6 to 8 pm

Where: 4821 East 38th, Unit B

Deets: Join Shelly Jenkins in a smokey yoga class, a special class that incorporates cannabis and hatha yoga.

Can you smoke: Yes, bend, flex and blaze away!

Tickets: You MUST register before the class. Do so HERE.


10. What: 2nd Annual High Society League 4/20 Party, Presented by Native Roots

When: April 20, noon to 8 pm

Where: 608 9th Ave, Longmont, CO 

Deets: Join along in this cannabis centric celebration! People’s choice awards, live music and glassblowing and food from Cheba Hut! 

Can you smoke: I have no clue, but I’m going to guess; YES!

Tickets: It’s free to get in! As with all of these events, be prepared to show your id.


11. What: 420 Headrush Music, Arts and Culture Fest

When: 4/20 2pm-2am

Where: 776 Lincoln Street 80203

Deets: With 3 stages there will be a ton of live music options. Join in the festivities with this all day party.

Can you smoke: Probably, but it doesn’t state it explicitly.

Tickets: Get them HERE!


12. What: Myxed Up Denver 4/20 Party

When: 4/20, 10 am to 9 pm

Where: Mixed Up Creations, 5800 East Colfax

Deets: Live music, free Cheba Hut at 4:20, free munchies all day. Live glass blowing, sales all day, raffles. Sounds like a fun time to me!

Can you smoke: Probably not here. But before or after works!

Tickets: None needed. Just show up!


13. What: 420 EVE on the Rocks: Method Man and Red Man

When: April 19th, at 4 pm

Where: Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Deets: Dizzy Wright, Ghost Face Killah, and others perform for the eve of 420 at Red Rocks.

Can you smoke: It’s a concert!!



14. What: Weed and Wine Health Expo, Presented by Canna Essence 

When: April 22nd, 6 pm to 9 pm

Where: 1075 South Yukon St. Lakewood, CO Suite 160

Deets: Health Expo by CannaEssence and includes a mini-facial, speeches, a free book and more. Connect with cannabis. 

Can you smoke: Non-consumption

Tickets: Get them HERE!


15. What: 420 on the Block

When: 4/20 from 4:20 pm to 2 am

Where: City Hall, 1144 Broadway, Denver 80203

Deets: Comedy, speakers, music and more will be going down all night. This event has some big sponsors, and has almost 400 people already signed up for the show!

Can you smoke: Sometimes you can smoke in City Hall and sometimes you can’t. 



16. What:  The Hang-Denver Fashion Concert

When: April 19th 7 pm to midnight

Where: City Hall

Deets: Join the fashion savvy in this green carpet event.Live music will accompany the runway models in this pre-4/20 celebration.

Can you smoke: Outdoor smoking will likely be available.



17. What: “Wellness Retreat” with Snoop and Wiz

When: April 23rd, doors open at 6:30 pm

Where: Red Rocks Amphitheater

Deets: Join one of the most well-known smokers in celebrating the 4/20 holiday. Better late than never. Look for Berner and Cypress Hill on stage too!

Can you smoke: It’s at an outdoor theater… with Snoop, so…



18. What: Dizzy Wright Live at Cervantes Masterpiece!

When: 4/20 show starts at 9 pm.

Where: Cervantes’ Otherside

Deets: Listen to the lyrics of Dizzy Wright to close out your official 4/20. Method Man and Red Man will be performing at the same time (Tickets are separate).

Can you smoke: I’ve smoked here before, so I’m going with yes.

Tickets: Tickets can be purchased HERE


19. What: HdyFest

When: 4/20 at 5pm!

Where: Red Rocks Ampitheatre

Deets: Dance the night away to some Dubstep and Trap music. Listen to DJ’s Flosstradamous, Branchez, What So Not and more!

Can you smoke:  Probably!



20. What: 420 Bazaar by World Cannabis Week and My 420 Tours

When: April 22nd and 23rd, times TBA

Where: Cluster Studios, 3881 Steele St. 

Deets: Browse and buy of glass, food, art and more from vendors at this fun, “flea market” style event. Last year Rome, from Sublime was hanging around and even signed a few autographs. This is a good place to find fun glass for next year’s 4/20 holiday.

Can you smoke: Yep!

Tickets: are free, register HERE!


Whatever it is you decide to do this 4/20 holiday, please remember to consume responsibly. Stay hydrated and take breaks from consumption throughout the day. And, as always; travel high!

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