Product Review: 7Pipe, Twisty Glass Blunt

Glass blunts are really great for smoking marijuana without using papers. 7Pipe, unlike many others, puts a touch of class into their twisty glass blunt.

I quit smoking nicotine a number of years ago (black and milds). At the time I enjoyed using blunts to wrap my weed in, but wanted to give it a rest so I could get over my nicotine addiction. So I started using glass blunts and glass joints.

They are really easy to use as all you basically have to do is stuff some weed into the tube and you’re ready to go. If you leave a little sticking out of the end you can light it up and keep it lit just like you would a joint or blunt. Just ash it and push out a little more cannabis each time.

One of my first trips to Denver!

Problems I have faced with glass blunts:

  • The secondary tube doesn’t fit into the primary tube and so it falls apart all the time.
  • The secondary tube gets clogged/puts resin all over my mouth and lips.
  • It’s not always easy to get the last bit of weed out of the tube, leaving you needing a tool.
  • No way to carry it around.
  • Plain and boring. Just 2 tubes and a plastic ring.

Well, I picked up the 7Pipe, A Twisty Glass Blunt, about a month ago. I have been using it on a regular basis all over the state. It has hit the slopes in Breckenridge, crashed a pajama party at Marriott and even joined in for a brunch with friends.



The secondary tube on the 7Pipe is actually a gold spiral that assists in getting all of the marijuana out of the glass tube. Because of the design, this gold spiral fits all the way into the tube, unlike any other glass blunt I have ever used.

7Pipe comes with a mouthpiece that has tiny holes in it, allowing you to get a toke without getting Scooby snacks or a blast of unwanted resin. If the holes get clogged, there’s a little tool that will clean them out.

7pipe-mouth-piece-upcloseBecause of the gold spiral, it is easy to get the last bit of weed out of the glass tube. Simply twist and it all comes out. It has been easy to clean too since there isn’t a a tiny glass tube, just a twisty spiral.

I have wanted a way to carry a glass blunt around and 7Pipe has it. The glass blunt came with a black bag and, for a more secure carry, a nice box. I can throw it in my bag when I’m going to go out for a hike or to sesh with friends. Or, I can throw the box in my suitcase or carry on when I am traveling (I always am sure to clean it thoroughly before I transport it).


It did take a few tries for me to completely understand how to operate the 7Pipe. First, take the gold spiral out of the tube. Next, stuff the tube with weed (stuff it kind of tightly, but not too tight). Last, screw in (like a screw; righty tighty, lefty loosy). The last part is super important because if you screw it in the wrong way, it will just pack the glass blunt super tight and not screw in.


Overall, I think this is one of my favorite glass blunts. I have used (and broken) at least 100 different glass blunts and this one is definitely above par. You can get your own 7Pipe on their website: 7Pipe, A Twisty Glass Blunt.


I love the packaging and the gold spiral, but I wish the glass cylinder was more heady. I have one glass blunt that has a lizard on top of it. Another with  designs on the outside. I would like 7Pipe to do some custom pieces the next time they drop new product.

Otherwise, I dig it. I will be carrying it with me to the High Times Cup this weekend too, so be on the look out for it… and me!

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Travel high, Cannatravelers.

(Update: I sent the company a link to my article and they provided a 15% discount code for all of my followers and readers. Use: TRAVELTWISTY to get your 15% off now.)


8 thoughts on “Product Review: 7Pipe, Twisty Glass Blunt

  1. You’ll never receive this product. I ordered it a month ago and even after repeated emails have heard nothing. They certainly stole money from my bank account though!


    1. That is terrible to hear. My experience was definitely different. I will say, however, a bunch of companies have ripped off their design and stolen a ton of sales from them. I wonder if they are inactive. Doesn’t explain why they would take your money though. Maybe you can call your bank and dispute the transaction.


  2. I bought this glass blunt and love it but now on my second try to inhale it’s not inhaling in the piece or burning…do I have to clean out the holes where you inhale on the mouthpiece?


  3. Ordered it 30 days ago…finally got it. They are even made in the same state! Rude and belligerent customer service. Don’t Buy from here.


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