You voted Yes on 300. Will Denver be the New Amsterdam?


In short, I hope so. I imagine I will be able to puff on my favorite Vape Pen (The Goddess Set) and work on my laptop at the coffee shop down the street for a whole afternoon. On nice days, I imagine I will bring a nice pre-roll and sit outside to sesh while having meetings with others in the industry.

In reality, Denver is already a major hub for cannabis tourism in the United States. Allowing a place for tourists to light up will allow for a better overall experience. However, there are a few hoops to jump through before making this happen starting with getting permission from either the business’ neighborhood association or their business improvement district. Then, applying for a permit for the business, which must be renewed yearly.

Because of this, I do think we will see some neighborhoods really dig into this concept and others completely shy away from it, resulting in cannabis friendly establishments popping up in abundance in certain areas of the city, possibly creating a sort of Red Light District effect (minus the ability to buy sex through a window).

screenshot_2016-11-09-08-58-49-1-1My first trips to Denver were definitely not like Amsterdam. I really had a tough time figuring out where to light up a jay. I’ve always consumed cannabis in my hotel room, regardless of the legality of it. But, I was in a legal state for goodness sake. I wanted to go out and smoke everywhere while I learned about the newly legal cannabis culture of Colorado.

While that is basically what I did, I sometimes ended up hitting my bowl in crazy places (like at the Platte River) with strangers (a group of homeless people) I did not particularly want to spend time with. In the future, tourists won’t have to go through such things.

Allowing adults who are 21 and over to consume cannabis in a safe, legal space is ideal. Personally, it gives me the opportunity to meet and talk with other smokers. But it will also be great for the general public. As it currently stands, the only place to really socialize and smoke (that hasn’t been shut down repeatedly) in Denver is iBake. Because of voter’s support of 300, more places like this around the city will be opening in the coming years.

So, yes, I do believe we will be seeing something sort of like Amsterdam’s Red Light District here in Denver, but I imagine it to be smaller, more posh and of course you’ll have to bring your own weed.










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