Cannafriendly Hotel Review: El Paradero Bed & Breakfast


El Paradero Bed and Breakfast was tucked away on a quiet street in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The first thing I noticed was that the adobe building and huge, blue flower pots contrasted perfectly. As I drove down the long driveway, I saw a courtyard area partially obscured by a low, adobe wall.

I strolled into the front yard of El Paradero Bed and Breakfast and was greeted by a sign: Bienvenidos. I felt welcome right away. The office was right beyond the door and I was checked in by a cheery guy who was ready to show me around.

This couple-hundred-year-old farmhouse was simple and functional. It was designed to be rather long, with a beautifully decorated narrow hallway. On one end, there was the breakfast and dining area. On the other end, a living area for guests with games to borrow and comfy couches to relax on. In the middle was the kitchen and library. My room was right the top of the stairs off the living area.


A nice-sized room with a unique closet space and a balcony; it was quite charming. The walls were a lavender color with a hand-painted trim. I was told that the owners’ daughter did all of the detailed painting that was found in the room and throughout the bed and breakfast. The tile floors and wood carved bed completed this cute room. The bathroom had a shower and bath combo and more tiling, perfect for the intended Santa Fe style.

I was ready to relax and smoke a joint. I put my bags in the closet and unpacked a little before rolling up and heading out to the petite balcony. There was no view which was good and bad. It allowed for privacy; no nosey walkers-by, but there wasn’t anything to look at. Much of the view was of the neighboring parking lot and nearby homes. However, seshing here was so very convenient.

I also noticed that there wasn’t a television in the room. When I browsed through the room information, the lack of a television was explained. El Paradero believes it is best to enjoy your time away from home without the distraction of a television. Since I love watching TV before bed, I thought would be an issue. It wasn’t. Santa Fe has so many things to do (and downtown was about a 15-minute walk) that I was exhausted by the time I got back to the bed and breakfast.

In the afternoons, the bed and breakfast serves pie with coffee and tea. This pie was outstanding. I believe the pie that was served was a mixed berry pie. I could have devoured at least half. Unfortunately, I missed pie the second day since I was out hiking.


Breakfast on the first morning included nestled eggs, stewed cherry tomatoes and baked apples. I liked the eggs and apples. The second day the cook admitted that he overcooked the eggs, but they were also really salty. Overall, the food was okay. The dining room was a bit gaudy and overdone, mainly because of the clear plastic that was placed over the table linens to avoid stains. And the conversation was sparse. There were other guests around, but no one said much to one other. It was very quiet for a bed and breakfast, a place where you are capable of getting plenty of rest, if that is what you are aiming for.

Tasteful art abounded at this bed and breakfast. Local artists lined the walls and I was definitely tempted to purchase a couple of the pieces. The southwest flare and heavy Catholic décor fit perfectly with the Southwest style that is timeless in New Mexico. (See all of the pictures from El Paradero HERE.)

On the last morning, I was running late, as I usually do. Check out time was 11 and I heard housekeeping outside of the room at about 10:45 chatting away until 11:20 or so. As I hustled to finish packing, there was a knock on the door. The innkeeper was there to make sure I understood checkout time had passed. I found this a bit intrusive even though I was the one who was at fault. A simple phone call would have been much nicer, although I am not sure there was a phone in the room.

Overall, my stay at El Paradero bed and breakfast was pleasant and convenient. The quick walk to get downtown was great and the convenience of a balcony was splendid. The styles and size of the old farm house were interesting and fun to take in. I would definitely visit again, if just to enjoy the delicious pie.

 “The 5 factors”

Munchies factor: I cannot emphasize enough how great the pie was. Beyond that, I was left with a growling stomach. I read there were cookies somewhere around there, but I didn’t find them. The breakfast was not as delicious as I expected and around the hour snacks were nowhere to be found.  Don’t get caught here with a bad case of cotton mouth, or even a hangover, because the water was also MIA. But, there was a tea and coffee station near the dining room, on the other side of the house. As this is a bed and breakfast, room service was not available.  Overall, I was left yearning for more. 2.5 leaves for the munchies factor.

Cannabis Friendliness factor
: Now this is a difficult one. I do not believe I ever met the owner and no one there gave the slightest hint that they knew who I was or what I was doing there. I found a sign on the shelf in the living room that asked guests not to smoke. There were no ashtrays in the public, outdoor areas. However, I was given a room with a balcony. Hey, what better way to let me know I can smoke than giving me my own private smoke area? Because there were other sesh spot options that I chose not to utilize, I give El Paradero’s cannabis friendliness 3.5 leaves.

The Posh factor: This bed and breakfast had a very busy theme. The unique Southwest style was apparent in the home, but it was just a bit outdated. The room was clean the day I arrived, but the housekeeping forgot to make the room up on my 2nd day. The bathroom was clean overall. I was taken with the tiling in the bathroom, as it is unique to the area. The bed and breakfast shot very well, but just didn’t do much for my eye. 3 leaves.

Laziness factor: Overall, this bed and breakfast was not very homey. The parking lot was pretty far from the room, which made for a struggle with the luggage over the gravel driveway. The dining room was on the other side of the house, which made getting coffee or tea a bit of a chore. There wasn’t much to do on the property, other than board games and the library. No spa, hot tub, gym, or in-room television here. You can watch television in the common area, if you’d like. Overall, unless you want to kick it like you do at home (with a locked kitchen during midnight munchie hour), you are not going to get to be very lazy.  2 leaves.


Snapchat-316767866365944934The view factor: I loved that I did not have to get dressed to enjoy a sesh; balconies are always a great thing in my mind. However, there was no view from the balcony, which was the only place I was comfortable lighting up. The common area outside was a little too public and no ashtrays were found. There was a coach house on the property that was said to have a private backyard area. I didn’t get a chance to look at the backyard, but I would guess that would be suitable place to light up, with a better view. 2.5 leaves.

Overall score: 2.6 leaves

Marijuana Friendly Hotels, Cannabis hotel review

2 leaves: Like dirt weed. Seedy. If you’re stuck out, with no other choice, stay here. But, if you have choices, leave this one off the list.

Denver recreational marijuana, where to smoke weed in Denver

3 leaves: Non-strain specific pre-roll joint. You feel good about the price and your high is pretty nice. And it’s satisfying when you’re in a rush, but it’s still just an average joint.

Not seedy, but simply unsatisfying. This bed and breakfast was just alright.

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