Outdated and Out of Patience, Another Denver Renaissance Hotel

I am one who likes things just so when I stay at a hotel. But I am usually not the one who complains at the drop of a hat, or when I feel like I am getting what I paid for (yep, I’m a cheap-o sometimes). I will, however, complain about this hotel.

My main issue was the condition of the room. Imagine moldy ceilings and walls in the bathroom, cracked marble around the sink, dirty walls and tape left on the curtains of the room (like someone had some kind of celebration, but didn’t take the tape down) and a mildewed balcony floor. All of this in a club-level room. And that was just the room. (Click HERE for pictures of the problem areas described above.)


Of course, this review is not all about the aesthetics of the hotel room, it is about the cannabis-friendliness as well. So, let’s break it down, shall we?

“The 5 factors”

(Check out the scoring criteria for all of my reviews HERE.)

The Munchies factor

snapchat-4902998195095147005_resizedWhen splurging on a club level room, one expects to be fed. This hotel served breakfast, appetizers, wine and dessert. However, there was a shortage of food in the club lounge. The first night was great, with many appetizer options and 4 different desserts. But, the rest of the nights the lounge closed early because the food was gone.

On the last night only 2 desserts were presented, which were gone well before their normal closing time. I must say, however, that the two people who were running the lounge were very nice and accommodating. One person even ordered another dessert when he saw that I came in and it was gone.

As long as the lounge was open, (which was from 7 a.m. or so, to 9:30 p.m.) free drinks were available. This included bottled water, soda, juice, tea and coffee. Now that, I like. Room service was also available until 11 p.m., I believe.

I also tried to have dinner at the restaurant downstairs, but they closed early both nights I attempted, probably due to the lack of customers.

Overall, the free munchies were pretty available as long as you showed up early and room service was a great alternative. 4.2 Leaves

Cannabis Friendliness factor


Although there wasn’t a designated place to toke up, the balcony was huge (but unfurnished.) I just pulled a chair out from the room and sat on the balcony to toke up. I had no complaints from the heavy dabbing and vaping I did in the room. People on the staff here smoke cannabis, but again no one complained (they did compliment however). I heard there were some other guests that had brought a pound and were toking up on their balcony as well, but we never ran into each other. 3.5 leaves

The Posh factor


As I mentioned before, the room was not up to par. Dirty walls, moldy floors and cracked marble made this place feel like a sleazy motel. The rest of the hotel, however, was pretty nice. There was an outdoor (and indoor) swimming pool and hot tub, which I utilized on the last warm day in Denver. You could actually order food and drinks from the pool, which I love.

The lobby is always nice at the Renaissance. There was a bellhop and valet, which is a must if I am staying at a hotel. 2.5 leaves

The view factor:

dsc_2217There were many places to smoke around this hotel. There is a park about 2 blocks away. I smoked at the swimming pool when no one was around. And my go-to was the balcony of my room.

You can see the view of downtown while partaking on the balcony. The sunrise and sunsets were beautiful. However, there was a train. And it was atrocious. I understand there isn’t much one can do about it. I have to point out that some of the conductors are abusing the horn. They are honking it just to say hello to another train passing them (and of course there buddy honks back). They are sounding it up to 10 times when going through a gate when no one is even parked at the intersection.  Hearing it once or twice is understandable. This was way beyond that at all times of the morning and night.

So, the train killed the view. 3 leaves.

Laziness factor:


I could have been almost as lazy as I’d wanted. I could have smoked a heavy indica and enjoyed the amenities for a couple of days. The lobby in the hotel is something in itself. All Renaissance Hotels have a library or living room that is usually tucked away in a corner of the lobby. This quiet space offered a fireplace, comfy chairs and an ambiance that could put me in chill mode for at least a day.

The swimming pool could provide another day of lounging and if you swim outside, toking. With a sparse crowd, it was easy to spark up my bowl while I soaked up the rays.

The one thing the hotel did not have was a spa. No massages or facials, folks. 4.2 leaves.


Total Score: 3.44 leaves

Denver recreational marijuana, where to smoke weed in Denver

3 leaves: Non-strain specific pre-roll joint. You feel good about the price and your high is pretty nice. And it works when you’re in a rush, but it’s still just an average joint.


Since my stay wasn’t the best, Marriott’s social media people encouraged me to send a note to customer service. I did. With pictures.

I did not hear anything for several days. When I did, I was told that I would be credited with points.

I wrote back and asked for a discounted bill, seeing that I would not want to stay again. After waiting another week or so, I was informed that would not be possible. The points were all I would be getting.

My suggestion? Don’t stay at the Renaissance Hotel in Stapleton, Denver until renovations and the situation with the train have been fixed. I am still up in the air about the club level. It may be worth it to skip it and just stay in a regular room. That choice, I will leave up to you.

As always, Cannatravelers, travel high!

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