High Views in Vacated Vail

Featured imageRepost from Fall 2015: Vail, Colorado is a great place to go to any time of year. I went mid-fall and it was amazing. I stayed at the 5-star Arrabelle at Vail Square. The staff was helpful, attentive and overall sweet. Some of the staff will remember your name and address you by it throughout your stay. There is a turn down service every evening. Room service is amazing as well. Every room has a balcony. Some were really small, some were huge. Mine was small, but had more than enough room for me to enjoy my cannabis. The balcony was kind of close to other people’s, but since I was in Colorado and not on federal land, I didn’t mind. I also never saw anyone on their balcony at the same time I was.

The staff is very willing to help you find a place to eat or shop. The gym is clean, has some really neat elliptical machines and a variety of weights. Water and towels were supplied. The hotel has a car service that will take you anywhere you want to go in Vail (first come, first served basis) and when you are ready to return, you call and they will pick you up within 10 minutes. Featured image

The hotel has a rooftop, heated, salt water pool and two hot tubs on the 4th floor for hotel occupants, 6th floor for condo owners. If the cover is on, just call down to have someone come and take it off for you. I swam and smoked out there daily with my supply from the nearby Native Roots. And each day, I was always the only hotel guest there.

As I sat in the Jacuzzi and puffed on a joint of Blue Dream, I saw the aspens changing as the jets massaged my back. Oranges, yellows and some reds painted the mountain side. It was absolutely breathtaking.

The Arrabelle is a wonderful place to find serenity or to aid a budding romance. Make sure to come sometime after the school year starts and before Thanksgiving arrives to get the most privacy and quiet time. Oh, and ask about the 6th floor pool and hot tub for people who own property. The front desk MAY be willing to give you a tour, or a key… just a thought.

Featured imageOne of the great restaurants I visited while I was in Vail was a breakfast place called The Little Diner.  It was a small hike from the Arrabelle on Vail Square, but the food was completely worth it. Because of the time of the year, business was pretty slow, with only 5 people in the tiny 40 maximum occupancy restaurant. I hear the little restaurant gets so packed during peak season that they have a line halfway around the building. Luckily, I came at the right time. I sat down at the bar where I watched my food being made. I ordered the Eggs Benedict with no meat.  The owner’s dad created the fabulous recipe for the flavorful and slightly spicy Hollandaise sauce. The dish was perfect.

I spent my afternoons strolling the cobblestone streets, shopping; okay mostly window shopping all over the little town. There are art galleries with African busts and 6 ft. tall sculptures. There are many different boutique style stores for both men and women. Many things were discounted because it was a slow time of year. There’s a cool bowling alley with a bar in the front. My favorite was Eye Pieces of Vail. Being a person with a bit of a collection of designer sunglasses, the store and staff kept my attention very well. I need a pair of Rolf frames with gold tinted lenses, stat!

Another really good restaurant in Vail is Blue Moose Pizza. It was so good I stopped by this place twice on my last visit. It was fall, so again there were not many people around, so I sat at the bar and chopped it up with the locals and the part-time locals. This place was my go to for all things Vail.

The first day I stopped in, I sat around the bar for a good hour just talking to everyone. I got the local’s scoop on where to Featured imageshop and eat. The first day, the waitress was super cool just talking with me about whatever since they were not busy.

On my second visit, another friendly waitress gave me some really great insight into some cool activities to participate in with the locals, such as a little outdoor smoke spot (never found that one) and that smoking was pretty acceptable on the patio of the Red Lion. The food was grand, with lots of choices for vegetarians who are tired of having the basic veggie pizza. I had the Mediterranean pasta salad pizza. It was delish! I definitely recommend this place.

The shopping was elite, high end and unique. The restaurants were everything from laid back to super fancy and all of the food was delicious! The lodging was stupendous; you can’t go wrong with any of the hotels in Lionshead. The views are gorgeous year around. With a river that runs through the tiny village and aspens that fill the sky with color, this is one of my favorite places to stay, with or without snow. As the cherry on top, in Vail, there is always somewhere to light up, regardless of the fact that the small town voted against allowing dispensaries to open in the area!

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