Elevated Rejuvenation at the Lotus Sanctuary



After a nice lunch in Santa Fe and picking up my pup, I ventured out to Madrid to stay at the Lotus Sanctuary. The short 30 minute drive was easy. Entering Madrid, I noticed I had little to no cell signal, but I wasn’t worried.

I found this place online and was convinced it was a place I needed to stay within the first few minutes of visiting the website. A small bed and breakfast, with 2 fantastic rooms to choose from, the vibe of the sanctuary was calling me from afar. When it was finally time for my visit, I was bouncing off the walls.

I pulled off the main road right behind a little red car. I followed the car down a windy, dirty road a ways and then veered off to the left. We both pulled into the Lotus Sanctuary and were greeted by her two dogs. As it turned out, the people in the little red car were visiting as well.

We came into the living room/dining room area and I instantly felt more relaxed. A lotus hung as if to greet me and I took off my shoes and enjoyed the tour.

Lonnie is the owner of the Lotus Sanctuary. She, in her words, “built and opened the lotus with no capital funding or investors.” Her peaceful demeanor and outstanding nurturing skills made this one of the most relaxing places I have ever stayed.

The living room had a wood-burning stove with a couch and rocking chair. Behind the rocking chair was a huge painting of yellow flowers. The attached dining room had plenty of room for eating and working and a step up from there was a gallery with many works of art and products from locals.


Lonnie spent some time showing us the wall of body and hair products, most of which you could sample in the privacy of your room, before taking us on the tour upstairs.

It was just as open and bright upstairs as it was downstairs. The massage room was upstairs as well as the two bedrooms. The standard room’s wood floors and white walls reflected the light from the floor-to-ceiling windows, giving the room a warm and energetic feeling.


The standard room’s bathroom was adjacent to the room itself, which could have been an inconvenience. However, the bathtub that was in this room made up for the extra door. The huge, concrete bathtub had ample space for two and was almost as deep as a standard hot tub.

The suite had its own bathroom, complete with an outdoor shower option. The living area contained a futon, some good rolling tables and art. Two unique sculptures and colorful art made the room complete. The art at the Sanctuary was everywhere. And it was great art.

The elevated bedroom had a comfortable bed and side tables. The day I checked out there was a new piece coming into the room. It was a huge wooden lamp. Lonnie positioned it here and there and finally put it next to the huge wardrobe. It was simply gorgeous.

The suite also had its own balcony. You could come in and out of this door as well, if you did not want to go through the common areas. I enjoyed Lonnie so much though, that I came in and out of the main entrance so I could catch up with her and get ideas on things to do in town.

ATN_7330I could also hike from right outside of my room. Once I was settled in, that is exactly what I did. On my walk, I found the New Mexico wildlife, a horned toad, a long lizard and lots of rabbits. I heard that there were also coyotes out there and to keep my dog close. When I got to the top of the big hill, I lit up a joint and enjoyed the view.

After the hike, I grabbed some of Lonnie’s products and hit the outdoor shower. The view was unique, with a huge metal sculpture right in front of the shower, blue skies with big, cotton ball clouds and the high desert, as well as a long concrete staircase where a clothesline was strung.

That evening, before I went into town for dinner, Lonnie knocked at the door. She had truffles from Shugarman’s Little Chocolate Shop! His chocolate shop was in the center of town and beloved by all of the locals. The truffles were amazing. I had my dessert before dinner that night.

The next morning I got to the dining room around 9 and could smell breakfast as I came down the stairs. The couple from the day before was finishing up and we chatted before the coffee came out. They were from Albuquerque and were just having a night in town to relax. They said they really enjoyed their stay and was glad they made the trek out to Madrid.

They left and I continued my French-pressed coffee. Lonnie came in with breakfast options. Everything was fresh and organic. The eggs even came from her hen house. I sipped my coffee and dabbed at the dining table while Lonnie went back into the kitchen to continue preparing the meal. Breakfast was great, being waited on as if I were in a hotel, was even better. The conversation was the best. I think breakfast was at least 2 hours long both mornings.

I went into town and checked many of the little shops before going to lunch at the Mine Shaft Tavern. I came back and lit up on the deck before taking a good, long nap.

I woke up and fired up a bowl while still lying in bed. Eventually, I got up and went downstairs to hang out in the common area for a while. I was hungry but didn’t want to go anywhere, so I warmed my food up from the night before on the stove. This did not work very well, but I got to enjoy the living space. I rocked in the rocking chair. I listened to some music while checking out all of the products. I even found some more Shugarman’s chocolates that were left out for guests. I took in all of the art. My food was finally kind of warm and I was getting tired again, so I went back up to my room.

The Lotus Sanctuary has no television, so I played on my phone for a bit while eating my leftovers. I went back on the deck and sparked up once more before heading bed for the night.

The morning before check out was spent eating, talking, getting a proper tour (from Lonnie) of the grounds and taking photos. By the time I finally pulled away from the Lotus Sanctuary, it was over 2 hours past check-out time. I left for the long drive home feeling elevated and rejuvenated.


 “The 5 factors”


Snapchat-2616614267417416384Munchies factor: The food was great, but the proximity to pets was not ideal. Knowing where almost all of the ingredients came from was stupendous, but the snacks were limited. There were also plenty of teas, including chai. The chocolates were served in the early evening. I am sure if you were really hungry, Lonnie would be happy to hook something up. Water was in the kitchen, which was downstairs. Because we were so far from anything, there wasn’t any option for even pizza delivery. No room service either since this is a bed and breakfast. 3 leaves.

Cannabis Friendliness factor: I smoked everywhere here. There were countless places to smoke. This was by far the most cannabis friendly place I have visited in all of my travels. My suite had a deck as well, but again, I even blew some smoke rings in bed. There were other cannabis tokers around as well, who were not stingy with their stuff. I even saw joint (spliff) roaches in the ashtrays in town. This place is great for the enlightened cannabis consumer. 5 leaves.

The Posh factor: The entire place was up-to-date and put together splendidly. The dogs were kept out of the guest accommodations, which made the suite hair free. The bathrooms at the Lotus Sanctuary were unique and modern. I felt pampered here, plus, around every corner was a new piece of eye candy. And, you could sample a lot of the products while you visited. 4.5 leaves

Laziness factor: The spa options were endless here. You could get your hair braided, a massage, facial, tarot cards and the list goes on. I think you could spend at least two full days of laying around getting spoiled. You can also be much more active here by doing yoga or sound therapy or a hike like I did.

There are also places to relax here. There is a grill area, a labyrinth and many places throughout the house. The lack of a pool and television went unnoticed during my stay at the Lotus Sanctuary. With books, art, hiking and music there wasn’t time to be bored. Only suggestion is a way to warm up food, like a microwave. 3.5 leaves.

Snapchat-8916934972906197083The view factor: Smokers love to look at great sights while partaking! The views at the Lotus Sanctuary were unlimited. You could chose to watch the sunrise while toking on your deck. Or, you could go out to the canyon to smoke a fatty while enjoying nature and the wildlife. I really felt like the options were endless. I was able to smoke anywhere I wanted to here, everyone was so accepting. 5 leaves.


Total score: 4.2 leaves

I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Lotus Sanctuary. I will be back again the next time I am in town. This place is truly a gem!


cannabis plant, marijuana leaf, dank4 leaves: Like a beautifully put together caviar joint. It is truly satisfying, but you know that somewhere out there, there’s something just a little better!



After checking out my review, Lonnie sent me this message:

“Good call on the snacks and, I had already noticed this glaring hole after you left. So I have a meeting with Verde. By your next visit, you will have access to their wide range of snack options, including their Double Green Popcorn (green chile, nutritional yeast, spirulina, coconut oil), Maple Pecan Popcorn (sweet and salty with local pecans, fennel seed), & juice options like the Green Goddess (pineapple, kale, spinach, carrot, parsley, wheatgrass, lemon, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds) and Hydrating Sweetness (apple, cucumber, spinach, kale, carrot, celery, parsley, lemon, chia seeds). I also reached out to a Santa Fe water company who will be installing fresh water coolers/dispensers in the rooms. I will get those five leaves someday!”

Visit the Lotus Sanctuary’s website to learn more or to book their beautiful accommodations by clicking HERE!

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