Bed and Breakfast Review: Fed and put to bed at the Madeleine.

Cannabis tolerant BNB, Spa, Tea Room and Gardens in Santa Fe New MexicoAs I pulled up to the Madeleine Inn, I knew this was going to be a relaxing stay and a pretty fun bed and breakfast review to do. The inn is on a quiet cul-de-sac in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. Its sister inn, Hacienda Nicholas, sits just across the street. It is just blocks from both the plaza and Canyon Road.  The downtown plaza has restaurants, bars, shopping, museums and more. Canyon Road is known for its plentiful number of extremely expensive art galleries.

I parked in the gravel driveway and walked into a Victorian style home. I was promptly greeted in the foyer and was then off to a tour of the grounds. My room was our first stop. It was in the middle of everything, right on the first floor. (Quick disclaimer: I could have opted for one of the two rooms upstairs. I picked this one because it was described as having a larger bathroom than the other two.)

My room had no balcony or private entrance, but I soon learned I only had one neighbor and they were on the 3rd floor. The staff went home around 6, so I would be uninterrupted for the evening.

We wandered around the side of the house to see the two outdoor seating areas and then across the street to the other inn. Breakfast as well as wine and cheese hour were here. The sister inn also had great outdoor places for everyone staying at the inns to enjoy.

Back at the Madeleine, I was told about the coffee, tea, water, homemade cookies and several snacks that were available, free of charge, literally right outside my door. (I partook in these many times throughout my stay. Loved the M&M’s the best!) I was also told about the wonderful spa services that were offered at the inn. What a great convenience to be able to go from your spa experience back to your room so effortlessly.

As my tour guide finished up, I realized the luggage was going to be left up to me to bring inside. My room had a queen size bed, dresser and chair with a beautiful stained glass window. Stained glass is highlighted throughout this rare Santa Fe 1866 Victorian style home. I got settled in just in time to enjoy the tail end of the wine and cheese hour.

There were quite a few different cheeses and crackers and some homemade cookies leftover from earlier in the afternoon. A choice of red or white wine was given and I chatted with the other guests a bit.

After happy hour, I found one of the beautiful outdoor spaces to light up a joint of a sativa dominant strain to get energized for the dinner show at La Casa Sena Cantina. I sat and took in my surroundings. A small, red bird house hung just a ways away. There was a clean, white, spiral staircase that went up to the 3rd floor and flowers and bushes perfectly placed to make it feel that much more intimate. I relaxed while I took in the beauty around me. It just took that one sesh for me to know this would be my sesh-spot for the remainder of my stay.ATN_7092

I came back from my evening and was ready to lay down. As I flopped into bed, my eyes rolled back. This bed was the coziest, softest bed I had ever been in. I could have lived in it for days on end, only leaving to eat and go to the restroom. It was beyond comfortable.

The next morning I grabbed a quick breakfast in the open kitchen and dining area (which, by the way, I absolutely loved) and met the owner, Carolyn. We chatted about Ojo Caliente and all things Santa Fe before I headed out the door for my hot springs visit. Of course, I stopped at my sesh-spot and smoked a morning jay before heading out. I didn’t get back in until after dark and was ready to get back into that superb bed.

Breakfast the next day was quinoa chili rellenos, toast, black beans, fruit, granola and yogurt and a pumpkin chocolate chip bread. This meal was delicious. I paid a visit to the outdoor sesh spot before going to breakfast that day, so my appetite was absolutely along for the ride. The combination of flavors, spices and heat made for a fantastic breakfast. The breakfast was definitely New Mexican style, perfect for a Santa Fe tourist, or a regular ol’ Santa Fean.

Though the breakfast was New Mexican, the Madeleine Bed and Breakfast was definitely Victorian. Before I left, I wandered the Madeleine taking pictures. I was taken with the striking staircases, the lavish window seat and again, the stained glass throughout (See all of the other beautiful pictures on the Madeleine Bed and Breakfast picture blog soon). I packed up and got my things out to the car, but not before grabbing another handful of M&M’s for my ride. As I rode away, I hoped it wouldn’t be the last time I visited the quaint inn with unforgettable breakfasts and luscious beds!

As a standard, I will be using 5 factors to determine my overall grade for this bed and breakfast review. These factors are: munchies, cannabis friendliness, cleanliness, laziness and the sesh-spot. Find a breakdown of the whole thing HERE!

Munchies factor:

ATN_7188With breakfast, afternoon cookies, and wine and cheese hour, there are plenty of munchies. On top of that, there were M&M’s, peanuts, pretzels and trail mix 24/7, right outside of my door. There wasn’t any bottled water, but there was a pitcher of lemon-infused, mountain water. Although I am used to having room service at almost any hour, there was enough food for me not to remember what I thought I would be missing.  3.5 leaves.

Cannabis Friendliness factor:

IMG_20160508_192533There was not exactly a place that was designated for weed smoking, but there were ashtrays and notices that pointed people to the correct places to blow their O’s. I blazed up outside and no one bothered me. I saw a couple of the staff and they just walked by as if I was smoking a cigarette.

I chose the room in the heart of the house and there wasn’t a private entrance or a balcony so I didn’t even try to light up any flower in or around my room. I did, however, dab from my Dabado and used my Puffco Pro in the room. No one seemed to mind that either. There were not any other cannabis smokers that I saw, but everyone seemed tolerant enough. 2.5 leaves.

The Posh factor:

Although this inn was built in the late 1800’s, the entire place was very clean. Housekeepers were seen throughout the day, cleaning away. The bedding was cozy and smelled good. The bathroom was nice and clean. Very clean accommodations, by and large.

I felt like I was part of the family at the Madeleine Inn. The open kitchen and dining concept allowed for casual conversation with the chef, while waiting on your breakfast. Plus, it made it easy to see the cleanliness of what was going on behind the scenes.I wasn’t ignored, or  bothered by anyone there.  The other guests were chatty, but I enjoyed the banter. The option of the spa was really nice as well.  4.5 leaves.

Laziness factor:

ATN_7178You could spend a morning at the spa here. I love that this inn had the Absolute Nirvana spa. However, I had to bring in my own luggage. The car was not very far, so I didn’t feel like I missed out on the convenience of a valet. There was a wall of pamphlets for tourists and the staff was very helpful when suggesting where to go and what to do. No concierge was necessary. The presence and knowledge of the staff was that of a personal concierge. There was no pool or gym.

However, I could have laid in the bed all day and watched TV. I just cannot get over how comfortable that bed was. There wasn’t an iPod docking station or anything, so you’d have to play your music on your phone or otherwise. Basically, I could be lazy here, but it would be the same kind of lazy I am at home.  3 leaves.

The view factor:

My favorite sesh-spot at this inn was not very private. I could see another house (that probably belonged to the owner) and there was a sidewalk right in front of the seating. But, it was still a stunning setting. Birds and crickets chirped as I indulged and all was right with the world.

There was more than one place to smoke on the grounds. I even saw an ashtray on one of the tables. I did not partake in any of the other places, mainly because I felt that the other places were a bit too public and I did not want to disturb the other guests. 3.5 leaves.

Overall Score- 3.5 leaves:


Denver recreational marijuana, where to smoke weed in Denver3 leaves:  A non-strain specific pre-roll joint. You feel good about the price and your high is pretty nice. And it works when you’re in a rush, but it’s still just an average joint.

cannabis plant, marijuana leaf, dank4 leaves: Like a beautifully put together caviar joint. It is truly satisfying, but you know that somewhere out there, there’s better!

I had a very relaxing time at this bed and breakfast. I rated this place between 3 and 4 leaves. That means this place is an average joint that is truly satisfying! Thank you, again, for allowing me to stay at your relaxed and charming bed and breakfast.

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