Review: A rendezvous at the Renaissance Hotel

While in town for the National Cannabis Summit, I unexpectedly had to stay at the Renaissance Hotel. I had a friend coming into town right after the conference was over so we planned on going straight to the mountains upon her arrival. Unfortunately, the plane was delayed so much so, that I had to get a room for the night.

It was very late in the evening when I finally received the news. I got online right away and started looking for a hotel. I generally have 3 requirements, especially when it comes to unfamiliar hotels and last minute bookings, when looking at a possible hotel. There has to be a valet, a bellhop and room service. Depending on the state, hotel and the sense of urgency, I also look for a room with a balcony so I can smoke a fat bowl, or a joint upon my arrival. In this case, I was tired and in Denver, so I did not really care about the balcony option.

I almost instantly found the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Denver. It was a smaller hotel, but had good reviews and it met my requirements. I picked a double queen room (at about $200 a night) and drove right over. The valet opened my door and called a bellhop over to get my luggage.

I walked into the hotel and had to stop a few moments to take in all that there was to see. This hotel is amazing. The lobby boasted a huge, open floor plan with cathedral ceilings, crown molding, murals and columns throughout. There were many places to sit and enjoy the ambiance. I felt like royalty as I walked in. The only thing missing was the throne at the end of the long, red carpet.

The check-in process was simple and I got my key lickety-split. The front desk gave me a corner room, which is always nice when you intend to use cannabis in your room. The room itself was stylish and big enough to have another person stay in it with me. I hit my glass bowl a bit and fell asleep. My friend didn’t get in until almost 4 in the morning.

The banging started at about 5:15 that morning. Loud, constant thumping made me jump out of the bed, ready to either go into a full sprint, or fight some gigantic monster. I called downstairs and told the woman on the phone that there was a loud noise going on that was disturbing our sleep.

She said, “I don’t hear anything.” I was pissed. I called at least 3 more times before she would even go and check. Still, the pounding continued.

It went on for at least an hour, before someone got the message and quit their banging. I woke up again around 9 and began getting ready. I called for the luggage and went down to talk to a manager. He quickly let me know that there was construction going on in the building. The crew, however, was not supposed to start work until after 9 that morning. He apologized profusely about the noise earlier in the morning and assured me that it would never happen again.

I told him about his receptionist and he also took that very seriously. When I got my bill, I noticed right away the 50% he had taken off the total, not to mention the free valet parking. He also handed me his card and promised if I ever needed a room, to give him a call and he would make sure I got the best rate he could offer. Although I was tired, I was happy.

Things are not always perfect when I travel. I do not expect them to be. At the end of the day, it is more about how the bad situation is made better. When it is handled with finesse, it makes a huge difference in how I feel about the experience overall. Good service will always keep me coming back. What has someone done in order to remedy a bad experience you’ve had?

2 thoughts on “Review: A rendezvous at the Renaissance Hotel

  1. At least the situation was truly well handled by the hotel! While not every stay can be perfect, it’s always nice to see that hotels react in the right way! 🙂


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