Tentative 2016 Schedule for Travel and Cannabis

Last year I traveled without much of a schedule. I visited 15 cities in 10 months. This year, I decided I should get more of a solid schedule together, especially since I am still going back and forth between Colorado and my illegal state. Again, this schedule is tentative. A few things may have to be rearranged/changed as the year, and my life, progress.

Planning ahead also helps me to find other people who are going to be at the events I will be attending. If you are going to any of these events, or if you live in any of these cities, feel free to contact me. Let’s hang out!


Jan 12th-15th- Salt Lake City, Utah.

Feb 2nd -4th: Women Grow Leadership Summit

Feb 4th-9th: High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, CA

Feb 25th-March 1st: San Francisco/San Jose, CA

4/20 week: Denver, CO

May 8th-14th: New Mexico Road Trip

June 23rd-July 7th: New York and Pennsylvania 

July 8th-10th: Chalice Festival

August 19th-21st: Seattle Hempfest

September 26th 27th: Boston Freedom Rally

October: Alaska, Oregon, or Washington D.C.

November 7-9th: Rock the Cannabis Vote (State to be determined.) OR

November 4-6th: Prague Cannafest! OR

November 27-Dec. 1st: Uruguay Expoweed!

December: To be announced.

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