Medical versus recreational partaking of cannabis


How much do YOU smoke?

I smoke both for medical and recreational purposes. Anytime I smoke alone, I am smoking medicinally. I medicate intermittently while doing all of the things I normally do; work, errands, housework, socializing, etc. I smoke when I feel the need to. However, I have friends that I also smoke with. Much of the time I smoke with friends, I am smoking recreationally. I am not medicating anymore. I am socializing. We are hanging out, talking, laughing, learning something new and having a good time. There are some times that I smoke medically, with a friend. He only smokes to medicate and does not take much at a time. This I still consider medicinal. But, if I am smoking with a group of people, say at IBake, it is assuredly recreational smoking.

I think there is a difference between smoking medically and recreationally, that needs to be discussed. Abuse and use are not the same thing. Medicinal use and recreational use are not either. Recreational use does not equal abuse.

To be crystal clear, I am a medical user that also smokes socially (aka recreationally). I do not abuse cannabis.

I have noticed some criticizing going on in within the cannabis community about the amount some people smoke, or the way they choose to partake. However, just as with other medicines, dosage is not the same for everyone. Some may smoke a joint in a couple of days, while others may smoke a couple of joints in a day. Others smoke even more. Some smoke even less. The amount of THC (or any other cannabinoid) that a person can handle is specific to their body chemistry and relative to their ailment. Personally, I can’t handle strong concentrates. Others dab and can finally tolerate their lifelong pain. As they say, you never know what the next person is dealing with.  Having too much or not enough of a medicine is not good for the body.

Pressuring people to smoke more who can’t, just as harassing people who use heavy concentrates, is just plain unacceptable. We are generally cannabis users, not cannabis abusers. Remember the warning signs of abuse? A couple of them were something like, the person: No longer participates in activities they once loved. Or, has problems at work or home because of their use.  This is what tells us that a person may be addicted, not by how much they use. Be aware and know the signs. Don’t just judge blindly. Be a compassionate and tolerant smoker. After all, it is nice to be nice.


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