Wandering Through Washington…

As many times as I have visited Colorado we did have another state that voted yes to recreational marijuana. Washington State. So I went. And I was highly disappointed. So, I went again. Much better the second time around, much, much better! Here’s the story of Washington State the second time around. We’ll just go ahead and skip the first. You aren’t missing anything.

I knew I’d land in Seattle around midnight, making it nearly impossible find an open dispensary. So, I just headed to the Westin, a Starwood hotel, and waited for the real adventure to start in the morning.

I got in so late that the lobby was quiet and still. The people at the front desk were very friendly and talkative. The room was small, but nice. It also had a spectacular view from bed! No TV needed that night. I looked out at the amazing buildings until my eyes fell.

In the morning I went downstairs for breakfast and then out to my first dispensary. It was about a 10 minute drive from the hotel and the GPS kind of got me there. Let’s just say I didn’t get too lost.

I knew Uncle Ike’s was going to be awesome as soon as I pulled up. I have been to several dispensaries, but for some reason, the novelty never wears off. One of the first things I noticed when I pulled in was handicap sign had a guy in a wheelchair with a bong. Too cool!Featured image

I got out of the car with my ID ready and stopped at the door to show security. He was very friendly and welcomed me warmly. I walked in and there was a line. I talked to the couple behind me while I waited the short minutes it took for my turn to arrive.

The budtender was knowledgeable and hooked me up with a disposable e-cigarette with a sativa oil in it, some flowers and of course, and some cinnamon candy edibles. I also needed something to smoke out of, so the staff pointed me to another building in the same parking lot. The glass shop was just getting started, but was already looking pretty cool. They had a ton of different pieces and I got my pipes really cheap.

I puffed on the little e-cig as I wandered through downtown Seattle a bit. It tasted a lot different from smoking flowers and I didn’t need a lighter to get a good puff. I wondered if I was going to feel anything. I did and it was stellar. I love the disposable e-cig.

I went back to the hotel, packed up and headed to the mountains for the rest of the trip. I am not much of a mountain driver, but I managed to make it through the 2 ½ hour drive without totally freaking out. Coming down the torturous thing was different story however.

Featured imageI arrived in the little mountain town of Leavenworth and checked out the room. It was cozy and warm, with a sitting area, a fireplace and a balcony with great views. I just love seeing beautiful things while I am enjoying a beautiful high.

While the room and view were to my liking, the Best Western Icicle Resort itself was kind of disappointing. It was at the end of town and did not feel much like a resort. No real activities to speak of, no room service, no bell hop and no valet parking. There was one restaurant (which did have a really good Clam Fettuccini) and a building that had the rest of the entertainment. They had a big screen that had nightly movies, S’mores and board games.

Since I didn’t spend a great deal of time at the resort it turned out to be okay. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone though. I would recommend staying in the middle of town where all the action is happening.Featured image

I worked through the hustling and bustling of the small town to get some shopping in next day. While meandering through their surprisingly affordable stores, I saw tons of kids sledding down the small hill and Christmas lights everywhere. The ambiance was amazing. For dinner, I found a little sushi spot in town and had some pretty delicious sushi before heading back to the warm fire in the room.

I skied Steven’s Pass the next two days and used the e-cigarette and edibles discreetly. I have never skied in Washington State, even though I’ve been visiting for the last 30 years. Now I understand why. The altitude is so low, there is hardly any good sticking snow. There were areas on the mountain that were brown. The ski area’s opening day wasn’t until late December. Also, there wasn’t any lodging (I couldn’t find any true ski resort in Washington when I researched the trip) on the property. The nearest “touristy” town was Leavenworth.

The cool thing about skiing in Washington is that no one really follows the “no public smoking” rule like they do in Colorado. I went to the car around lunch time to take a quick break to smoke some flowers and saw people lighting up left and right. A group of guys even had a huge bong they were ripping hits off of. No big deal. I loved that. Note that this all happened in the parking lots, NOT on the actual slopes. The actual slopes are on Federal land. Most ski slopes are on Federal land.

Featured imageAfter skiing the second day, I’d run out of flowers, but I didn’t know where to get any. There was also bad weather heading my way, so I didn’t want to drive very far to get it. I used trusty Google and found some medical dispensaries, but no recreational for 30 miles. Thirty miles on these roads could take an hour. So, I went to the local head shop (yep, this tiny town has a smoking accessories store) and asked the girl in there. She pointed me to the medical guy in town, who pointed me to a dispensary about 15 minutes down the road that just opened a week before.

I pulled up to the shop and went inside. There wasn’t any security at the door and no one was in line. There were 4 people inside to help me and I even got to talk with the owner a little bit. They had the same prices as Seattle and even had the same little e-cigarette. The owner said that this was his second store and it had only been open a couple of weeks, but that he was already seeing business. This was a cool place with down to earth people. Too bad I can’t remember the name of the place.

On the way back, I found a little taco truck and ordered some tacos. They were okay, but I think I was a little too far north to find some really great tacos. I went back to the hotel and fired up while the snow came down against the night sky. I felt like I was in warp speed flying through outer space.

On the last day, I got up early and smoked the last of the flowers and threw the pipes away. I took my sweet time driving back down the mountain since the weather was so crazy the day before. Hours later, I finally made it. Serendipitously, right when I got into Seattle, my e-cigarette ran out.

Featured imageI still had some of the cinnamon candies when I pulled into the rental car garage. I pulled out the tin while the guy checked my car in. I tried to open it up to get to the last few sugary and spicy candy, but I couldn’t. I tried and tried, but it wouldn’t budge. The rental car guy noticed me struggling and I asked if he wanted to try and open it. He couldn’t either. Another couple of employees saw him struggling and came to try their hand as well. Five guys later and the candy was still stuck in the tin. Finally, one guy pulled out his keys and man-handled it open. I got my candy, thanked him with a smile and a tip and went on my way. Stoned all the way home.

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